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Julie Taymor in Berlin

Berlin, in May 2023, DG

Video: 14 Min.

The corona pandemic swallowed up Taymor´s last film “The Glorias”. With no cinema premieres, except at the Sundance Film Festival 2020,
the film went straight to Amazon Prime, she said after the film screening in “filmkunst 66” in chic West Berlin.

Welten Online had sent me, a man, to report on this rather feminist film event with a female director. 
Colleague Sabrina was working on an environmental project and was indispensable. So MW, my chief editor Michael Welten, 
sent me to report on the director of Frieda Kahlo.
Every time I had anything to do with radical feminists, I felt sick. Actually, I avoided their events. As a man, I was to blame for their disaster and suffering. 
Why should Taymor's women's film about the American Alice Schwarzer ... Gloria Steinem ... be any different? 
According to her claim, however, this portrait of a “remarkable woman” according to Peter Brooks "Remarkable men" should not be understood 
as a purely women’s film only for women. Sure, there needs to be more movies about significant women. As a man, I asked myself after the film: 
What kind of men are these at the side of emancipated women? How do they live when she goes to work and he cares about home? ... 
What does US Vice President Kamala Harris' husband do, for example? Douglas Emhoff is the man in the most prominent position in society to portray 
the man modernized by the women's movement. He could embody what democratic America envisioned throughout the postwar years. 
Retrospectives through the decades of a modern man would inevitably bring to light the ruthlessly competitive society, i.e. father figures 
who seem as successful as Taymor sketches him in Gloria Steinem's Father, a Hallodri always standing before nothing, full of vitality and joy, 
quite the opposite of the depressed mother. This is a frequently occurring constellation that triggers the depressive sides of men 
when roles are reversed. What helps at this point is picking up the guitar and singing, for example:  melting in

Taymor announced that she would be touring the swing states with "The Glorias", probably during the hot campaign phase 
of the US presidential elections up from July 2024. The volunteers can therefore count on a good chance of seeing 
also Douglas Emhoff and Michael Douglas turn up at such events.
Thanks to the American Academy Berlin it had been possible to listen to Julie Taymor also about her movies
Across the Universe (Trailer)  @
Titus (Trailer)
Some may remember although Völker Schlöndorf, a famous European director (Return to Montauk, Trailer) 
who introduced Julie Taymor to the broader Berlin public on An Evening with Julie Taymor at Universität der Künste Berlin. 
Taymor showed a 20 minute compilation of her life work from which I took the idea of two faces – one speaking to the other 
who looks to the camera. It becomes surrealistic through zooming in the first head. How ever, it seems to be an anticipation 
of holistic perspectives on a two dimensional screen.
If Taymor announced that she would be touring the swing states with The Glorias, then abortion rights will likely play a 
central role in the US Democratic campaign alongside the issue of “banning small arms”. I see Gretchen Whithmer as the 
promoter of the issue of "banning small arms".

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